Accepted (2006)

Accepted is a 2006 comedy that revolves around a high school graduate who creates a fictitious college after being rejected by all other universities. As more students flock to the fake school, Bartleby and his friends must navigate the challenges of maintaining the charade. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Accepted…

Pros: Firstly, Justin Long uses his signature charm to carry this movie along with the supporting cast. Jonah Hill especially adds humor to the story with his memorable performance. Another positive aspect of “Accepted” is its message of self-discovery and challenging the status quo. I’m not saying a degree from S.H.I.T would be worth anything, but it’s funny to imagine a school with such little foundation and rules.

Cons: Despite its comedic strengths, Accepted falls short in terms of originality and predictability. The plot follows a familiar formula of an underdog rising against the odds, which may feel formulaic to some. The film also relies heavily on crude humor and stereotypical college movie tropes, which may not appeal to all audiences. Lastly, is the absurd notion that these students would be clever enough to pull this off, but not smart enough to be accepted into any colleges. At least it’s funny!

I give Accepted a B-. It’s an entertaining comedy, with a funny cast and a positive message of self-discovery. Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something light and amusing. Happy Watching!



Rating: 3 out of 5.


  • Acting
  • Theme
  • Originality

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“B, you realize that makes it S.H.I.T. right?”

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