Ad Astra (2019)

Ad Astra has been a polarizing film for audiences and critics alike, but if you’re a fan of sci-fi or Brad Pitt, this movie just might be worth your time. At it’s core, Ad Astra is a dour voyage and return story following a conflicted astronaut’s mission to uncover the truth about his father and save the universe.

Pros: Brad Pitt gives a stellar performance as Roy McBride, the seemingly monotonous astronaut. The solar system proves to be an unforgiving setting and as the obstacles mount, Roy gets pushed to his limits and closer to his father. The theme of sons following in their father’s footsteps is prevalent throughout Ad Astra, along with the theme of humankind looking to the stars for answers when they should appreciate what’s right in front of them. Lastly, the visuals are gorgeous, but the sound in particular is stunning and will make you wish you had your own home theater setup.

Cons: This movie makes narration a core element of the storytelling, but I’m not sure it works or is even necessary. And for an already bloated film, Ad Astra takes detours 90% of the time. Some deviations serve a purpose, but others introduced ideas and even characters that are never referenced again. The main story may resolve, but the movie feels incomplete due to plot holes and hanging threads.

I give Ad Astra a B-. If you’re on board with Brad Pitt’s performance and narration, you’ll find moments to enjoy in this movie. Happy Watching!




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“In the end, the son suffers the sins of the father.”

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