Airport CEO (2021)

Airport CEO is a management simulation game where you get to create your very own international airport! Begin by placing a runway for general aviation, then construct your terminal and begin commercial flights! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Airport CEO…

Pros: Firstly, the “CEO” in the title of this game is no understatement. When you start a game, you control everything from infrastructure, to staff salaries, airline contracts and more. Following the tutorial is highly recommended, however it might keep you from expanding the way you want. Secondly, although this game officially released earlier this year, it’s been available through “early access” since 2017. This is generally a good release structure for indie games because it means the players have made recommendations, while the developers have been steadily tinkering in the background. Lastly is the upbeat yet unintrusive soundtrack that perfectly matches the tone of this game!

Cons: As fun as this game is, the 2D graphics aren’t going to “Wow” you. I, for one, like the art and color palette, but it might not be for you. Secondly, the user interface is quite overwhelming out of the gate. The tutorial attempts to get you up to speed, but in all likelihood, you’ll have to see what works best for you through trial and error. Lastly, in future patches, I’d like to see more keybind options for various tasks. Currently, keybinds are limited to speed and information panels, but a road/terminal building keybind would be incredibly helpful. Otherwise you need to navigate the clunky UI to place anything down.

I give Airport CEO a B+. All in all, I have a lot of fun playing this game. I only recently discovered it, but will not be surprised if my rating improves over time. If you’re into management simulation type games, then you should definitely check this one out! Happy Gaming!





  • Replay Value
  • Soundtrack
  • Tone
  • Graphics
  • Limited Keybinds
  • User Interface

Where to Play

“Welcome to your airport!”

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