Bad Trip (2021)

Bad Trip is a buddy comedy, following Eric Andre and Lil Rel Howery on their road trip to New York. Along with a few scripted scenes are elaborate pranks meant to catch the unsuspecting bystanders off guard. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Bad Trip…

Pros: This is a unique movie that operates in a similar fashion to Borat. Hidden cameras follow the actors around, but they’re the only ones in on the joke. I appreciate the semblance of a story underneath all the pranks and improv, but it is gimmicky. However, whether you’re a fan of the shock humor or not, the acting is commendable simply because of how audacious it is. Tiffany Haddish gives an especially unhinged performance as the ex-convict who chases Andre and Howery across the country. I think the comedy mostly works because the main cast is the butt of all the practical jokes. No innocent bystanders are humiliated, if anything the bystanders are saying what the audience is thinking most of the time. I think the genuine reactions from these onlookers are hilarious and add depth to this otherwise shallow film.

Cons: First and foremost, the humor is admittedly not for everyone. If you’re not a fan of Borat or Jackass, you’re not going to find much to like here. The shock comedy that is used time and time again is exhausting and even gross at times. The biggest criticism I can levy at Bad Trip is that some of these pranks are just taken too far. Although the credits make it a point to show the bystander’s realization that they are extras in a movie, these crazy situations can easily traumatize people. The most impressive thing about this film is that no one sustained life threatening injuries or is getting sued.

I give Bad Trip a C+. Although some scenes are painfully cringy, you can tell there’s a method to Eric Andre’s madness. Overall, there are plenty of laughs throughout, but your enjoyment will largely depend on your sense of humor. Happy Watching!





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  • Cringe
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