Birdies (2022)

Birdies is an indie golf comedy about a failing country club where maintaining a buzz is par for the course! When a rival club threatens the business, Twin Pines owner must hire a Pro to win the upcoming tournament and restore the club’s reputation. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Birdies…

Pros: This is a feel good movie with golf, heart and a whole lot of laughs! Although there aren’t too many familiar faces, Ryan O’Flanagan turns in a hilarious performance, with easily some of the best line deliveries of his career! Secondly, although the plot and writing leaves a lot to be desired, the cast as a whole has fantastic comedic timing. Thirdly, the modern soundtrack offers a pleasant palate cleanser in between scenes to prime the audience for the next string of sidesplitting jokes!

Cons: Although it’s not a big budget film, Birdies makes the most of it’s country club setting. The entire film is shot, produced and directed in the lovely Wilmington N.C. area, which adds to it’s authentic indie vibe. Equally authentic is the slice of life story, that writer David Longo drew from his own experiences working at a golf course. I like the improvisational nature of most of the interactions, however drinking and bullshitting with your coworkers hardly makes for riveting conversation. Overall, it doesn’t detract from the laughs and fits the aesthetic of this movie well.

I give Birdies a solid B! It’s a raunchy golf comedy with enough charm and laughs to keep you smiling throughout! Grab your favorite club and I’ll see you on the fairway. Happy Watching!





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“So you guys all just drink.. As soon as the day starts?”

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