Blockbuster Party Game

Blockbuster might be a relic from the past, but it’s also the name of this extremely fun board game! Movie trivia has never been more engaging or entertaining! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Blockbuster Party Game…

Pros: Firstly, the simplicity of physical board games can’t be replicated in any other medium. The social engagement that comes with a game like Blockbuster is priceless and leads to memorable moments every round! Secondly, the rules are easy to follow. The winner of the head to head round, draws 6 movie cards. They give the 3 “hardest” cards to their opponent and then both players place the cards face down on the board. Even though your opponent may choose the cards you’re playing with in a round, you get to decide if you want to quote it, act it, or use one word to describe it to your team. This allows for a high replay value, because even after you get through all 72 movie cards, you can always reuse them with a different approach to help your team guess the movie!

Cons: Movie buffs are going to have a clear advantage in this game over casual moviegoers. However, this is where people can get creative and use the ambiguous rules to their advantage. For instance, the “quote it” section allows you to make up a quote if you’re unfamiliar with a movie. This is especially useful when you don’t think your team will be able to guess an obscure quote. The last time I played, my teammate was trying to describe Taxi Driver in the “quote it” section. He could’ve said something like “You talking to me?” and that would’ve been enough, but he made it even easier. He said, “I work in a yellow car in New York” and immediately everyone knew it was Taxi Driver.

I give Blockbuster Party Game an A+. Rarely do my two passions of games and movies collide in such a good way, but the Blockbuster board game is the perfect blend of both! Happy Gaming!





  • Engaging
  • Replay Value
  • Rules
  • Fairness

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“A movie game for anyone who has ever seen a movie”

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