Breakthrough (2019)

Breakthrough is based on the incredible true story of an adopted boy’s near death experience and the miracles witnessed by his parents and community, which save his life. It’s an especially religious film that will either reaffirm your faith or send heathens running for the hills. Whether you’re spiritual or not, lets consider the pros and cons…

Pros: This is a truly heartfelt movie that sends a nice message about faith, love and devotion. A mother is faced with her worst nightmare, but instead of losing her faith, it is only strengthened. Of course this isn’t easy for her, as she’s repeatedly met with resistance from her husband and medical professionals, but her faith in God is unwavering. The fact that this movie is based on real events gives the story authenticity and makes the message more impactful. Another positive worth mentioning is the child actor, Marcel Ruiz. He’s as likable as any kid you’ve ever seen on the big screen, but it’s a shame that he is in a coma for the majority of the movie.

Cons: While this movie is heartwarming, it’s also very predictable. There are no unexpected twists and the characters have no discernible traits other than their religion. In fact, your enjoyment of this movie is closely tied to whether or not you believe in a higher power. I’m not against religious characters by any means, but when God solves all the problems in a movie, that’s not only the definition of dues ex machina, but it robs the characters of having to make critical decisions themselves.

I give Breakthrough a B-. It’s based on real events, but your enjoyment hinges on your personal beliefs or whether you can be open minded or not. If you’re not in the mood for a deeply emotional and spiritual experience, then this movie isn’t for you. But if you are looking for something sincere to tug at your heartstrings, look no further. Happy Watching!





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