Cities: Skylines (2015)

Cities: Skylines is a city builder game, and by all accounts, the spiritual successor to SimCity. Establish a city at your own speed, free from restraint, or tackle scenarios for an even greater challenge! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Cities: Skylines…

Pros: What sets Cities: Skylines apart from the plethora of other city builders is the execution in every area, starting with roads. You have complete creative control over your road network and can use everything from small streets to large highways. This adds tremendously to the replay value because no two cities are identical and there’s always room for improvement! Lastly, the game mechanics are easy to understand and reinforced during each session. Whether you want to create sprawling residential neighborhoods, bustling commercial districts, thriving industry zones, or a combination of all three, this game has it all!

Cons: As great as the base game is, it’s impossible to avoid the downloadable content looming around the Main Menu. Eventually you’ll have to decide whether you’re content with vanilla, or you want to take your city planning to the next level. Once you’re comfortable with the mechanics, I’d highly recommend expansions such as After Dark, Mass Transit and Industries. I’d also recommend finding these DLC’s bundled and on-sale, because at this point, the DLC is much more expensive than the game itself.

I give Cities: Skylines an A+! This is, hands down, the best city builder on the market and one of my favorite games of all time! I highly recommend it to all fans of the genre and wish you luck in your city building endeavors! Happy Gaming!





  • Availability
  • Game Mechanics
  • Replay Value
  • DLC Cost

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“What a great city! I would think I’m dreaming if I didn’t know otherwise.”

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