Clue (1985)

Clue has withstood the the test of time as one of the cleverest comedies to ever hit the big screen. Although it was a box office flop upon release, Clue has since turned into a cherished cult classic, and for good reason. It’s certainly a whodunit for the ages! Let’s consider the pros and cons…

Pros: Firstly, Clue must be praised for it’s witty dialogue, quirky characters and innovative camera work. Tim Curry turns in such an incredibly engaging performance that it’s hard to look away even for a moment. The movie is filled with amusing scenarios and subtle nuances which can be easily missed, but hilarious if you catch them. Overall it’s a well done comedy that gets better and better upon multiple viewings.

Cons: The plot in Clue is undoubtedly contrived. All 6 guests are conveniently assembled without issue, just to get them where they need to be for the rest of the story to work. However, the fact they were able to create this story based on a board game is a feat in and of itself. My only other negative is that the mystery element is undercut since there are three alternate endings endings. Ultimately I do think it still works because just like the board game, there are plenty of variations on who the killer could be, where the crime was committed, and with what weapon.

I give Clue a B+. It has an intentionally inconsequential ending, but if you’re along for the ride, you’re sure to have a great time! Happy Watching!





  • Dialogue
  • Characters
  • Editing
  • Tone/Score
  • Plot
  • Theme

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