Did You Know: Activities

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Gaming. Gaming has always been an activity I can dedicate hours to without noticing the time flying by. It’s also something that has consistently brought friends and family together. If the purpose of life is to seek out happiness, then I believe games are an exceptional way to achieve that end!

Movies. Movies are another form of entertainment that I can easily lose myself in. To be transported into another universe, even for a short amount of time is an awesome and exhilarating feeling. A good movie can resonate with anyone and help them experience every emotion under the sun. I love stories and think they’re important for developing an extensive imagination.

Traveling. Traveling has never been my cup of tea. In fact, when someone recommends a destination, my first instinct is to pull it up in google and pretend like I’ve already been there. When traveling however, I noticed that more often than not, I do tend to enjoy myself. Not only are the new experiences fantastic, but you end up creating lifelong memories with the people around you. Although I’m reluctant to leave my hermit cave sometimes, traveling is an activity that I can easily lose myself in once I embrace the journey!

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