Did You Know: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan

If you’re at all familiar with the Pokémon franchise, then this fun fact might make you smile. Back in college I had a Bruce Lee poster in my room that always got a lot of compliments. One day a friend pointed at it and asked, “Did you know that Hitmonlee is based off of Bruce Lee?”. I honestly had never made that connection before, but I was young so give me a break. Of course, my friend went on to say that Hitmonchan is based off of Jackie Chan, and now it all seems so obvious! Pokémon has a lot of subtle references and this is my favorite by far! Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are two of the most powerful fighters in the original game. And just like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, these two Pokémon are VERY evenly matched. Hitmonlee has a slightly higher attack while Hitmonchan has a slightly higher defense. It’s all up to your preference. I hope you found this as interesting as I did!

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