Escape Room (2019)

Escape Room isn’t a horror movie you have to watch through the cracks in your fingers. Instead, it goes for a high concept approach that will either keep you on the edge of your seat or leave you wanting more… Let’s consider the pros and cons…

Pros: The meticulous production design of each escape room cannot be overstated. Watching the characters solve the intricate puzzles in real time is thrilling in itself, but adding a deadly timer to each room raises the stakes and gives everyone a sense of urgency, including the audience. The upside down billiards room in particular is well shot, tense and a definite high point in the film.

Cons: While I do enjoy the the concept of deadly escape rooms, the idea isn’t exactly new, as we’ve seen from movies like Saw and Cube. What also isn’t new are the character tropes we’ve seen time and time again from horror movies. In Escape Room there is the know it all, the comedian, the unapologetic asshole and the timid yet strong willed character. On top of those generic traits, these characters can’t seem to get along even though their lives literally depend on it. Why are we rooting for them again? Finally, there are many plot holes that go unaddressed by the end, which makes the resolution less than satisfying. The movie decides to sequel bait instead of delivering a story serving conclusion.

I give Escape Room a C+. It’s not reinventing the horror genre, but still a thrilling watch and worth a viewing if you’re looking for something edgy and outside the box. Happy Watching!





  • Production Design
  • Pacing
  • Direction
  • Originality
  • Characters
  • Plot

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