Exam (2009)

Exam is a psychological thriller that takes place during an interview for a mysterious, yet highly sought after corporate position. After the invigilator explains the rules and leaves, the candidates quickly realize this is no ordinary test. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Exam…

Pros: Firstly, I appreciate the suspenseful and thought provoking story. There are several twists and tone shifts that keep the characters on their toes, and the audience wondering what’s coming next. Secondly, the direction from Stuart Hazeldine almost makes it feel like the audience is part of the exam! I also like the inclusion of flashbacks to earlier dialogue which informs the characters line of thinking. Lastly is the length, which is just over an hour and a half. It doesn’t require a long time commitment, but if you’re like me, by the time it’s over you’ll wish there was a bit more to chew on.

Cons: Although it does a lot with a single setting, it’s hard to shake the low budget aesthetic and feel. Secondly, there’s a handful of characters in this movie, each one seemingly worse than the last. I’m not saying I would act like an angel in this situation either, but tensions escalate quickly leading to some poor character decisions. Lastly, the script has it’s moments, but for a dialogue driven movie there aren’t many memorable lines or quotes. Most of the dialogue is understandably loaded with exposition, but it might have been nice to see more interactions before everyone was at each other’s throats.

I give Exam a solid B. The suspense and mystery will keep you engaged throughout, but the finale may leave you wanting more. Put on your critically thinking cap, because this movie will test you as much as it’s characters. Happy Watching!





  • Direction
  • Length
  • Suspense
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Production Value

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