Factorio (2016)

Factorio is a construction and management simulation game that tasks players with building and maintaining their very own factories! After crashing on an alien planet, you must gather the resources and tools needed to launch yourself back into space! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Factorio…

Pros: Firstly, this game is not only loads of fun, but the progression is also very satisfying. You start small, having to manually load coal into your mining drills and furnaces, but once your factory grows and new technology is researched, all of these tasks can be automated! Secondly, the game mechanics are intuitive and strengthened by optional tutorials and in-game hints. Use a combination of conveyer belts, inserters, and buildings to create a wholly unique factory every time you play! Lastly, with custom map options, blueprints, and a plethora of mods, Factorio caters to players at all skill levels!

Cons: My main frustration with this game is the steep learning curve for beginners. Even with tutorials and several hours of playtime under my belt (pun intended), trying to plan ahead while keeping track of production and the dozens of material recipes available was overwhelming, especially at first. I personally enjoyed the challenge of learning and mastering this game, but understand why others may be discouraged early on. Secondly, the “Biters” are the local enemy mobs that add yet another layer to an already difficult game. I’m sure many people play solely to fight off the Biters, but I was perfectly content tinkering around my factory, free from lethal distractions. Thankfully, enemies can be toggled on/off from the map settings, so you can play how you want to!

I give Factorio an A+. It’s an incredibly addicting game that is as fun in the first hour as it is in it’s 100th! It’s worth every penny, but if you’re still on the fence, give the free demo a try! You won’t be disappointed! Happy Gaming!





  • Game Mechanics
  • Progression
  • Replay Value
  • Time Sink

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“The Factory Must Grow!”

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