Fall (2022)

Fall is an intense survival thriller that follows two best friends who climb to the top of a 2,000 foot radio tower! After taking a few pictures at the summit, they’re left in panic and disbelief as their only way down crumbles before them. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Fall…

Pros: Firstly, this is a thrilling story that is not for the feint of heart! The vertigo-inducing scenes will remind you why you’re afraid of heights. Grace Currey and Virginia Gardner play friends Becky and Hunter, who are perfect foils for each other during this adventure. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also makes a brief appearance as Becky’s concerned father. Secondly, I love the theme of not losing hope and fighting till your last breath! There are constant obstacles these girls must overcome to have any chance at survival, and it’s enthralling to watch. Lastly is the practical cinematography. In an interview with director Scott Mann, he said they built the upper portion of the tower on a mountain, which made the actors appear to be thousands of feet in the air!

Cons: Firstly, Fall has a mostly singular setting which is sometimes hard to pull off, but makes sense considering the plot. Secondly, the ominous foreshadowing that is simply brushed off by the characters leading up to their assent is astounding. Of course it’s easy for us to point out all of the safety precautions ignored in hindsight, but even I would’ve taken a parachute! I will say that there’s one of the most convincing and unexpected plot twists involving a hallucination atop the tower. It’s small flourishes like that that elevate this above a standard survival gimmick movie. Overall, even though it’s a low budget film, they invested the money well.

I give Fall a B+! It’s an incredibly exciting survival thriller with fantastic cinematography and captivating performances. If you’re afraid of heights you might want to pass, but otherwise it’s a fun movie. Happy watching!





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“If you’re scared of dying, don’t be afraid to live.”

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  1. This movie has a lot of people divided about it. Some really liked it, while others did not. I, however, am part of the latter. From a survival movie, it was just okay to me. It definitely had a few moments, but just felt empty to me.

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