Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a lighthearted comedy that takes us through an eventful day in the life of high school’s most popular slacker. It’s a uniquely charming coming of age story with lots of heart and plenty of laughs. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Pros: Matthew Broderick’s gives an unforgettably engaging performance as Ferris Bueller. Even though his best friend, played by Alan Ruck, is also very well cast, Matthew certainly outshines everyone around him. Another reason to like this movie are the several moments of pure joy: getting away with skipping school, racing down the freeway in an expensive sports car, catching a foul ball at a baseball game, and most flashy of all, leading the city through song and dance to The Beatles “Twist and Shout” on a parade float. These moments are not only delightful, but they effectively win the audience over time and time again. I think it’s clear that the theme of this film is to live life to the fullest and appreciate every moment, the good and the bad. In that spirit, lets dig into the negatives.

Cons: While Ferris Bueller may be every teenager’s hero, that doesn’t make him a good role model or even a good friend. In fact, he’s especially manipulative to the people closest to him. Ultimately, the movie forgives Ferris’s transgressions because hey, he’s popular and has an optimistic outlook on life. If you’re viewing the movie through that lens, then it understandably might lose it’s charm pretty fast. My only other negative involves Cameron’s unresolved relationship with his father. It is a thread, mentioned and alluded to throughout the movie, but without a satisfactory ending.

I give Ferris Bueller’s Day Off a B+. It’s outrageously over the top, but a fun and charming time capsule of 80’s nostalgia. Happy Watching!




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