Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Ford v Ferrari is anything but your typical racing movie. Not only is it full of heart and adrenaline educing scenes, but it’s also an inspiring story about friendship and partnership. You don’t have to know everything about cars to enjoy this movie, but it might help. Let’s consider the pros and cons…

Pros: The acting in this biopic is truly phenomenal, especially from Christian Bale. Somehow he is able to completely transform into his character Ken Miles, and at times you might forget you’re even watching a movie. His performance is that good. Furthermore, the direction is excellent and also worthy of praise. The mainstream audience has grown accustomed to the quick cuts seen in Fast and Furious like films, but Ford v Ferrari does the sport justice. Not only are there extended shots where you can see the cars whip and drift around corners, but there are also several point of view angles that put us right in the cockpit. These exhilarating scenes make it impossible to look away, even for a moment.

Cons: At it’s core, Ford v Ferrari is very much a David vs Goliath story, but surprisingly in this case, Goliath wins. Ferrari is a relatively small sports car manufacturer, but Ford is able to swing their weight around and essentially buy their win by the end of the film. Of course this is all very dramatized and enjoyable to watch, but there’s not always a valuable lesson to be learned when dealing with real life events, and that’s okay. This movie is more than a rivalry between two companies. Instead it focuses on the relationships between the racers, engineers, and executives.

I give Ford v Ferrari a solid A. Whether you’re a car fanatic yourself, or simply want to watch an engaging story, this movie delivers. If you’re along for the ride, and it’s a wild one, you’ll have a great time. Happy Watching!




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“I had no idea… I wish my daddy were alive to see this.”

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