Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

Godzilla vs Kong is the 4th movie in WB’s MonsterVerse and it’s as action-packed as you’d expect! The story follows several groups of people that aim to understand these two iconic titans and restore balance to the world. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Godzilla vs Kong…

Pros: Firstly, I appreciate the direction by Adam Wingard in this film. Not only are there powerful and breathtaking scenes, but it doesn’t rely on the previous films to tell the story. Secondly, the special effects in this movie are top notch! The CGI allows the monsters to express a wide range of emotions through just their faces, and it’s never distracting. Lastly, although I’m not a fan of many of the character choices, the actors are able to sell it in a convincing way. I’m especially charmed by Kaylee Hottle, who plays a deaf child that communicates and bonds with Kong. I hope to see her in many more American Sign Language (ASL) roles.

Cons: The human characters are given plenty of screen time, but they’re mainly used to provide either exposition or a common enemy for the iconic creatures. And while it’s plausible that humans could engineer a formidable opponent for both Godzilla and Kong, it does make the title slightly misleading. Even with a misleading title, the story is still very predictable. Overall however, I’m glad these two titans found a common enemy and are able to accept and respect each other’s place in the world.

I give Godzilla vs Kong a B. This exciting monster flick hits all the right notes and gives me hope for the future of this franchise. Happy Watching!





  • Acting
  • Direction
  • Special Effects
  • Characters
  • Plot

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“Kong bows to no one.”

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