Goon (2011)

Goon is a feel good sports movie starring Seann William Scott, as the hard headed and even harder punching hockey player. It is loosely based on the book of the same name, recounting the true story of hockey enforcer Doug Smith. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Goon…

Pros: It’s safe to say that Seann William Scott has never been more likable. He’s usually typecast as the douchebag so I know that doesn’t say much, but this has still got to be one of the nicest characters in film history! The director, Michael Dowse, also does a great job juxtaposing Scott’s sweet personality off the ice and his brutality on it! Not only does Scott give a great performance, but Liev Schreiber also gives a menacing performance as the opposing enforcer. Lastly is the theme of respecting and standing up for your team. It’s not until Goon leads by example, for the team to start honoring their banner and playing with pride.

Cons: Although it’s based on an inspiring true story, it’s also very cut and dried. A lovable outcast is the secret ingredient a struggling team needs to secure their position in the playoffs. I don’t think it needs to be bogged down by a complicated narrative, but it does follow a predictable trajectory.

I give Goon a B+. What this story lacks in complexity, it makes up for with funny moments and endearing characters. It’s also bloody, harsh, violent and everything else an entertaining hockey experience should be! Happy Watching!





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