Her (2013)

Her is a delightfully poignant sci-fi romance story between a man and his operating system. Spike Jonze delivers an emotional look at society and our relationships in the not too distant future. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Her…

Pros: The charming thing about this movie is how relatable Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Theodore is. Although he puts on a brave face, it’s clear that he’s heartbroken and hesitant to move on with his life. It’s not until Theodore tries the new artificially intelligent OS1 which claims to “understand you”, that he becomes comfortable again. Phoenix gives an unquestionably enthralling performance interacting with Scarlet Johansson’s voice in his head. Johansson also proves to be a formidable voice actor, expressing a wide range of emotion throughout the film. Equally as captivating, is the stunning color palette displayed in this movie. The neutral backgrounds allow the subtle shades of pink and red to pop visually, evoking feelings of romance and passion. Overall, it’s an extremely well made artistic film and as a result, there are only a few potential flaws…

Cons: Firstly, Olivia Wilde’s character seems to be completely wasted, only appearing once as Theodore’s date. It was admittedly a terrible date, but she could’ve been incorporated more. Lastly, while there is great dialogue in this film, some interactions feel overly profane and vulgar. However, I believe this is done intentionally to show the stark contrast between Theodore’s interactions with people and his OS.

I give Her a solid A! This high concept sci-fi will tug on your heartstrings and inspire you to live in the moment. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Watching!





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  • Color / Tone
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