Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz follows the incredibly talented Sergeant Nicholas Angel after he is transferred for making his colleagues “look bad”. Angel is initially resistant to the reassignment, but soon uncovers a dark mystery in Sandford that puts all of his policing skills to the test. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Hot Fuzz…

Pros: Edgar Wright does an excellent job balancing the mysterious and comedic elements of this movie. These notably different tones don’t seem easily compatible, but they mesh together perfectly in this action comedy. Wright’s unique directing style also elevates this story by utilizing dialogue in fun ways and using clever transitions to move the story forward. These minor touches add tremendously to the replay value of this movie, because there are tons of subtle jokes in and in between every scene.

Cons: While I do love the editing during transitions and quirky montages, there are way too many cuts during the final action sequence. With several back to back shots lasting for only one second a piece, the action becomes disorienting after a while. My final con also has to do with the ending, which feels like a completely different movie than the preceding hour and a half. I’m not sure if this is a pacing or plot issue, but it’s jarring when the gore gets turned up to 11 after being around a 5 for the majority of the film. Regardless, I LOVE the ending of this movie and it remains as one of the most enjoyable scenes I’ve ever experience in a movie theater.

I give Hot Fuzz a B+. There’s a great balance between action and humor, and enough subtle touches to warrant a rewatch from time to time. Pair this movie with Shaun of the Dead for the ultimate double feature! Happy Watching!





  • Dialogue
  • Direction
  • Tone
  • Editing
  • Pacing

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