I Care a Lot (2020)

I Care a Lot premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival late last year and found it’s home on Netflix in February 2021. The movie is a cynical commentary on the greed that fuels the health and homecare industries. Let’s consider the pros and cons of I Care a Lot…

Pros: Rosamund Pike gives an absolutely chilling performance as professional caregiver, Marla Grayson. Although she keeps her composure, there is a tinge of menace to her character which she portrays formidably. Peter Dinklage is also a pleasure to watch on screen, although he isn’t given much to do. Secondly, I like the sinister tone in contrast to the bright and polished visuals. I consider these elements to be a metaphor for Pike’s character. On the surface she is cool, calm and collected, but underneath it all, something much more mischievous is happening. J Blakeson deserves credit for writing this story and executing it masterfully!

Cons: I’m not sure how this movie can be considered a comedy, but that’s how IMDb categorizes it. I’ll admit that there are some humorous moments, but I Care a Lot is most certainly a tragedy. Aside from this miscategorization, my biggest issue with this movie is the lack of characters to root for. Marla and everyone in her circle have no qualms about ruthlessly swindling her court appointed wards. Peter Dinklage plays an even more nefarious character who tries to have Marla killed at one point. And instead of rethinking her insatiable aspirations, Marla concocts a new plan to come out on top. It’s clear that she’s no angel, but her greedy motivations serve the plot more than they do her character.

I give I Care a Lot a B+. It’s a well made film, with great acting and a compelling plot, but you may struggle to find a character to root for. Overall, I think the praise this movie has received is well deserved. Happy Watching!





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“There’s two types of people in this world. The people who take and those getting took.”

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