Instant Hotel (2017-???)

Instant Hotel is a competitive reality TV show about the entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves in the hospitality industry! Several pairs of homeowners take turns staying at each other’s rental properties, and after a hectic day of local activities and an overnight stay, the contestants judge their opponent’s Airbnbs based on four criteria: Home, Location, Sleep, and Value . Let’s consider the pros and cons of Instant Hotel…

Pros: Firstly, I think every show should have an Australian host! In all seriousness though, the hosts of this show are both charming and funny, which helps it flow smoothly between segments. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is especially engaging in the 2nd season and meshes well with renowned designer and Instant Hotel judge, Juliet Ashworth. Secondly, this can be said for most reality shows, but the stress and unpredictability of contestants is extremely captivating. Everyone is expected to dramatically defend their property from the hot seat, but when the tables are turned, the claws come out!

Cons: As fun as this reality competition is, there are a few glaring inconsistencies with this show. Firstly, the first 2 seasons feel incredibly disconnected, both visually and conceptually. From different hosts and prizes to even altered rules, these drastic changes are slightly jarring. This flaw can be forgiven easily enough, but hopefully by season 3, they find a template and stick with it! Lastly, the show’s grading system is very subjective, leading to overly harsh or outright dishonest reviews of properties. This is where guests can be strategic, but often times, a lot more than the four criteria comes into play.

I give Instant Hotel a solid B. This reality show has a lot of potential and showcases many beautiful properties around Australia. Although it struggled to find it’s footing in the 1st season, it seems to be heading in the right direction now! Happy Watching!





  • Hosts
  • Destinations
  • Reality TV
  • Consistency
  • Grading System

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“Instant Hotel is the ultimate holiday road test, designed to sort the motels from the notels!”

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