Juno (2007)

Juno is an emotional slice of life story that shows how one offbeat teenager handles her unplanned pregnancy. Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody prove to be an effective director/writer duo garnering four Oscar nominations, winning best screenplay. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Juno…

Pros: Firstly, Elliot Page gives an endearing performance as Juno, who genuinely wants the best for her unborn baby. The surrounding actors are also fantastic, J.K. Simmons in particular gives an underrated performance as Juno’s firm but fair father. Secondly, the soundtrack is quirky, but pleasant and also fitting for this indie gem. Last and certainly not least is the award winning screenplay from Diablo Cody. It’s an exceptionally well told story that feels real and has heaps of heart!

Cons: Jason Bateman is a good actor, but he plays a terribly unlikable character in this movie. And the relationship he develops with Juno adds an unnecessarily uncomfortable layer to this story. Lastly, the limited budget is the only other thing holding this film back. It did make it’s money back 35 fold though, so audiences must have liked the aesthetic overall. If anything, the low production value adds to the realness of the film, so it’s not a major flaw for me either.

I give Juno a B+. It handles teenage pregnancy in a respectful but honest way, which elevates it above you’re average comedy. It’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it, you might be pleasantly surprised! Happy Watching!





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“I’m pregnant.”

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