Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Little Shop of Horrors is a dark musical comedy about an insecure florist who discovers an unusually lucrative plant with a thirst for blood! The plant turns Seymour Krelborn into an overnight success, but at what cost? Let’s consider the pros and cons of Little Shop of Horrors…

Pros: Firstly, the practical effects in this movie hold up a lot better than you might expect. The plant is incredibly detailed, from it’s watering mouth, to it’s glistening stems, and everything in-between. And Levi Stubbs’ loud yet smooth voice meshes perfectly with it’s monstrous botanical exterior! Equally great is Steve Martin, who gives a manic performance as the sadistic dentist. Last and certainly not least, are the musical numbers which are catchy and well choreographed! Fun fact, several of the scenes featuring the large singing plant were shot in slow motion and later sped up to ensure the lip movements would sync up with the song!

Cons: Although most of the songs are upbeat and fun, some get dragged out while others are slow and kill the story’s momentum. Secondly, Seymour and Audrey’s relationship is unconvincing to say the least. It’s not because there’s a lack of chemistry between the actors as much as it is the weak script. Lastly, because this is a true adaptation of an Off-Broadway play, the direction is mostly limited to what you would see on a stage. This doesn’t detract anything from the movie, but it’s worth knowing before going in.

I give Little Shop of Horrors a B. The practical effects are great and the songs are pretty catchy too! If you enjoy musicals, this is definitely one worth checking out! You’ll never look at your plants the same way again! Happy Watching!





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