Project Highrise (2016)

Project Highrise is a 2D tower-building simulation game reminiscent of Sim Tower, only much more polished. You can start your building from scratch, or jump into one of many scenarios that will have you revitalize a struggling establishment. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Project Highrise…

Pros: As I have noted above, this game takes everything good about Sim Tower and expands on it. Whether you’re trying to create a mall with the perfect balance of restaurants and shops, or make an apartment complex with underground parking and a metro station, there is no lack of detail in this game. Secondly, the soundtrack is calming and sets the tone for what is best described as a therapeutic gaming experience. Lastly, even without the DLC (downloadable content) Project Highrise has high replay value. It’s an easily accessible game for beginners, but also a fun game to return to after a hiatus. Don’t skip the tutorials!

Cons: Unfortunately this game does have a few drawbacks, mostly relating to the mid to late game . Firstly, the load time for bigger towers is astronomical! You may find yourself watching a loading screen for 10 minutes after you attempt to open a large save. Secondly, fast forwarding time on bigger towers essentially renders the controls useless because of so many things happening at once. This is easily circumvented by returning to normal speed when you plan to build anything, but it requires much patience. Lastly, although there are several scenarios with different objectives, the gameplay gets tedious after extended periods.

I give Project Highrise an A-. The gameplay is engaging and the soundtrack is relaxing, but you may experience lag after your tower reaches a certain size. That was my experience on console at least. Happy Gaming!





  • Detail
  • Replay Value
  • Soundtrack
  • Tone
  • Lag
  • Load Times
  • Tedious Gameplay

Where to Play

“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.”

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