Rechargeable Xbox One Battery Station

The Rechargeable Xbox One Battery Station is a small dock that can charge up to four Xbox One controller battery packs simultaneously! The battery packs are included and hold 1200 mAh each. This translates to roughly 10 hours of play/usage time, depending on whether you’re using a mic or other controller attachments. The dock is charged by a USB-C cable which is also provided, and each battery port has a red/green light to indicate whether the pack is charging or fully charged. If you’re an Xbox gamer and still spend a fortune on AA batteries, it’s time to upgrade!

With dozens of ratings, the Rechargeable Xbox One Battery Station has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon! Check out my Unboxing & Review on YouTube and let me know which product I should review next!

Rechargeable Xbox One Battery Station

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