Red Notice (2021)

Red Notice is a Netflix Original fueled by action, star power, and daddy issues! In an unlikely team up, the world’s most infamous art thief and an investigator must work together to restore Cleopatra’s rare set of golden eggs! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Red Notice…

Pros: Firstly, the star power in this movie cannot be understated! Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds play off each other wonderfully, but the addition of the extremely talented Gal Gadot seals this as a home run from the casting department! Secondly, is the fast paced direction combined with the fighting and movement choreography. A few tracking shots not only put you right in the action, but they also help propel the story forward. Lastly, is the spy vs. spy tone, which allows for plenty of hijinx and is as amusing as ever!

Cons: The biggest issue with this movie is the plot. It lends itself well to turn-your-brain-off enjoyment, but upon closer inspection, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. And although I like the spy vs. spy tone, it causes the story to have low stakes and even less people to root for. However, this movie accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to be a snappy action comedy.

I give Red Notice a B+. The plot is simple, but there’s more than enough action and fun to make up for it! If you’re a fan of the main actors and their previous projects, you’ll probably enjoy this movie more than you might expect. Happy Watching!





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