Rogue Tower (2022)

Rogue Tower is a single player tower defense game, that tasks you with defending a castle from increasingly difficult enemies! It may sound simple, but what this game lacks in complexity it makes up for with depth. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Rogue Tower…

Pros: Firstly, this game checks all of the tower defense boxes: The waves of enemies are challenging and each tower is upgradable with its own strengths and weaknesses. Where it sets itself apart, is between each round, where you spend your acquired experience points (xp) to unlock new towers and give yourself other in-game bonuses. This makes for a highly replayable experience, because the more towers you unlock, the stronger you get, and the more difficult the game becomes! There are even 3 separate modes to test your resilience: Single, Double, and Triple Defense! Lastly is the punk rock soundtrack and 8-bit visuals. The graphics might not “wow” you, but the color palette is easy on the eyes, and the grid layout makes height changes easy to spot.

Cons: Although it’s already a blast to play, I’m eager to see if Die of Death Games comes out with any expansions or updates. I think a simple story mode would be fun, as well as options to change the camera angle and speed up time while in-game. Lastly, It may get repetitive if you play for hours at a time like me. However, that just goes to show you how fun this game is!

I give Rogue Tower a solid A! It’s a fun challenge with a unique look and a killer soundtrack. I love the tower defense genre, and even in it’s early stages, this game has exceeded all of my expectations! Happy Gaming!





  • Game Mechanics
  • Graphics
  • Replay Value
  • Soundtrack
  • Speed
  • Story

Where to Play

“Meeting Ooogie”

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