School of Rock (2003)

School of Rock is a delightful little movie starring Jack Black and a cast of talented young musicians. The story follows a washed up rocker, Dewey Finn, that seizes an opportunity to pay his rent while simultaneously following his dreams to make it big as a rock star. This family friendly musical comedy has a lot to offer, so let’s consider the pros and cons…

Pros: Jack Black has described his part in School of Rock as the role he was born to play, and I couldn’t agree more. He gives an absolute dynamite performance filled with energy, passion and a genuineness that is rarely seen from actors today. The music is catchy and emphasized by the several immersive scenes that we see begin normally, but then naturally transition into song in real time. Another positive takeaway from this movie is the theme of accepting yourself for who you are. Throughout the film we see students hesitant to participate in the band, whether it be from peer pressure or lack of confidence, but Dewey successfully convinces them that their talents are worth sharing with the world. This comes full circle by the end when students return the favor and convince Dewey that he’s not a loser and that the show must go on.

Cons: While Jack Black does give an inspired performance, his character doesn’t go through any meaningful changes by the end of the movie. We’re expected to forgive Dewey for lying to his friend and impersonating a teacher because the movie does, but not a convincing way. It just goes to show how low the stakes are in this movie and how ridiculous the plot is. However, if you can suspend your disbelief through this conflict, there is a satisfying payoff by the end.

I give School of Rock a B. Jack Black’s performance is the main reason to watch, but the music is also great and it’s a movie that the whole family can enjoy. Happy Watching!




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