Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Spider-Man 2 takes place two years after the events of Spider-Man, showing us Peter Parker’s struggle to balance his home and hero life. When a new villain threatens the city, Peter must decide which path is meant for him. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Spider-Man 2…

Pros: Firstly, the opening credits serve as a recap of the first movie, which is not only thoughtful, but helpful for an audience who likely didn’t watch these movies back to back like I did. Secondly, Sam Raimi does a fantastic job directing the action, especially during the elevated train fight scene! Lastly, is the theme of believing in yourself, no matter the odds. When Peter gets beset by financial woes and stress, he begins to doubt himself, leading to the loss of his powers. It’s after a rousing speech from his Aunt May that Peter decides to be the hero he’s destined to be!

Cons: Although Raimi is more willing to have fun in SM2, some of the gags go on for way too long. Specifically when the camera lingers on Peter fumbling around the janitor closet or his excruciatingly long elevator ride. Both of these moments are played for laughs, but just don’t land like they might have in a packed theater. Lastly, Doctor Octopus is a cool looking villain, but he isn’t very fleshed out. His goal isn’t even to destroy the city as much as it is to perform a doomed to fail science experiment. I’ll chalk up his questionable motives to the fact his metal arms do the thinking for him, but he still proves to be quite the adversary and not completely beyond redemption.

I give Spider-Man 2 an A-. The original set a high bar, but this undoubtedly a worthy sequel! In fact, it’s dubbed by many as the best superhero movie of all time, so you don’t want to miss it! Happy Watching!





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