Squid Game (2021)

Squid Game is a South Korean Netflix Original Series about an underground organization that promises incredible wealth to players who complete 6 different children’s games. The players soon learn the deadly consequences for losing, but how far will their financial desperation take them? Let’s consider the pros and cons of Squid Game…

Pros: I’m unfortunately not familiar with any of the actors in this series, but all of the leads show an impressive range of emotions. Secondly, the score in this show, particularly around the gaming facility, is quirky yet ominous and memorable. Lastly is the plot, which I find absolutely fascinating. Although the players are chosen because of their toxic relationship with money, it’s their choice to volunteer for the games.

Cons: The brutality during the children’s games is shocking in a great way, but I think the reason it’s easy to overlook such atrocities is because we know how awful some of these people must be. The main character himself likely being among the worst. This isn’t to say that the characters don’t grow over the series, but it took a few episodes for a clear protagonist to emerge. Lastly, although there is an option to watch with English dubs, I recommend watching in Korean with subtitles. Subtitles aren’t for everyone, but I think a lot more is conveyed when listening in the native language.

I give Squid Game an A-. It’s a compelling concept with a thrilling execution, and the language barrier did not impede my enjoyment or understanding of the story at all! Happy Watching!





  • Acting
  • Plot
  • Score
  • Characters
  • Subtitles

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“You called and volunteered to participate in this game of your own free will.”

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