Stardew Valley (2016)

Stardew Valley is a charming open world farming simulator, reminiscent of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, turn your inherited plot of land into a thriving farm! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Stardew Valley…

Pros: From the opening cut scene, Stardew Valley immediately pulls you in with a delightful soundtrack and pleasant visuals! And while both of those things add to the overall experience, the real fun comes in when the game starts and you get to tend your farm. I love the open world aspect, which allows you to bounce from task to task as you see fit. Each day starts at 6AM and ends at 2AM, giving you plenty of time for farming, fishing, foraging, relationships and so much more! As the days progress, so do the seasons, crops and special events. I commend indie game designer Eric Barone for conceiving and executing such a wonderful game!

Cons: Although it’s a solid concept and executed well, there are a handful of mechanics that may deter new players. Starting out, running between tasks takes a lot of time and can drain your days quickly. Secondly, is the time which ticks continuously, unless an interaction window is open. This definitely adds a sense of urgency to each game-day because you want to make the most of your limited time. Lastly, progress is only saved at the end of each game-day, meaning you’re unable to quickly save and exit in the middle of a day. You can always go to sleep early to save, but this may cost you time that could’ve been better spent cutting trees or exploring the mine. The lack of save options hasn’t affected my enjoyment of the game, but it’s something to be aware of.

I give Stardew Valley an A+! It’s an incredibly immersive experience, with a heartfelt story and engaging gameplay. It’s a wholesome game that rewards hard work and allows you to run wild with creativity! Happy Gaming!





  • Plot
  • Soundtrack
  • Visuals
  • Saving
  • Time

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