Nodding Guy: Gif

This Nodding Guy: Gif is taken directly from the 1972 film Jeremiah Johnson. The camera slowly zooms into a burly mountain man as he nods approvingly. Fun Fact: The actor behind the hair and scruff is Robert Redford! This gif is the perfect reaction for anything you agree with! Let me know when you like... Continue Reading →

Palm Springs: Gif

Although Palm Springs is a relatively newer film, this gif stands out as a fun moment in the movie. Andy Samberg casually dancing is gold in and of itself, but I also enjoy the hint of that smirk on his face. It's the smirk of a man who's ready for anything because he's relived the... Continue Reading →

Napoleon Dynamite: Gif

This Gif is taken from Napoleon Dynamite, right after Kip nearly gets a strike in bowling. The context is irrelevant though because this gif shows a universally understood gesture for feeling accomplished. Many people have probably used this gif without even knowing what movie it's from! I like to use this gif when I agree... Continue Reading →

The Eric Andre Show: Gif/Meme

This gif/meme hybrid is taken from an episode of The Eric Andre Show. Even though he is responding to something inconsequential, this meme has made its rounds on the internet. I appreciate the combination of Eric's laid back demeanor as well as his hilarious delivery of this line. It's easy to see why this gif... Continue Reading →

Austin Powers: Gif

This gif is from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Mike Myers is a master of physical comedy and this reaction shot is particularly hilarious! I like to use this gif when something surprising and/or unexpected happens. What's your best caption for this gif? Let me know in the comments! Austin Powers Gif

Gifs and Memes

Gifs and Memes are a fundamental part of how we communicate with each other in this technological age. And as I continue to update this blog, it's clear that movies, games and TV shows are an abundant source of these little gems. With that in mind, I've decided to dedicate a new category to this... Continue Reading →

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