The 100 (2014-2020)

The 100 is a sci-fi TV series with hints of Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies, as well as a plethora of stories revolving around survival and young adult angst. It’s set in a post apocalyptic future where human civilization has been forced into Earth’s orbit due to a nuclear war. When spaceship systems begin to fail and oxygen becomes limited, 100 prisoners are sent down to Earth in a desperate attempt to preserve humankind. Let’s consider the pros and cons of The 100…

Pros: Although this show is superficially similar to stories with limited resources and tragic outcomes, I feel compelled to praise The 100 for its originality. From the first season on, the writers find clever ways to juxtapose quarantine-like safe havens with inevitable impending doom. From running out of oxygen on a spaceship to sealing themselves in a bunker to avoid radiation, The 100 excels at building suspense and pushing it’s characters to their limits. Lastly, although the show starts like a shot out of a cannon, the following seasons find their stride with a good balance of action and tension.

Cons: Firstly, it’s safe to say that the early seasons suffered from a limited budget. The production value never dips below atrocious, however the CGI is laughably bad in the first season. Secondly, while I do find the plot thrilling at times, it also becomes repetitive. I don’t think the writers wanted to stray away from the shows title, resulting in contrived scenarios that always whittle the crew down to 100 members.

I give The 100 a B+. Although many themes are repeated throughout the series, it still offers a unique spin on the survival genre. There’s also something poetic about a series named “The 100” having it’s series finale on it’s 100th episode. Happy Watching!





  • Originality
  • Pace
  • Suspense
  • CGI
  • Plot

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