The Adam Project (2022)

The Adam Project follows a time traveling pilot who enlists his younger self to help save the future! Shawn Levy directs Ryan Reynolds once again in the latest Netflix Original. Let’s consider the pros and cons of The Adam Project…

Pros: Firstly, kudos to Netflix for pumping out these blockbusters back to back! Everything from the production value to the fight choreography and direction is top notch quality. Secondly, despite his character being intentionally irritating at times, Walker Scobell holds his own opposite Ryan Reynolds. In fact, all the lead performances are great, especially from Ruffalo and Saldana. Thirdly, I’m impressed by the amount of cool visuals and emotional moments they were able to stuff into this short movie. I think it’s paced exactly how an action movie should be, which is with minimum lulls.

Cons: The story isn’t terrible, but the fast pace and surface level characters don’t help it much. It seemed like even though time travel was essential to the plot, it wasn’t explained or given much consideration at all. Secondly, the movie is extremely self aware which is funny at times, but also doesn’t always land. And while I’ll never tire of Reynolds biting sarcasm, it undercuts the seriousness of the situation. Overall, it’s short, sweet and fun, but the plot had much more potential.

I give The Adam Project a B+. It’s a thrilling popcorn flick with engaging performances, exciting action and a cool sci-fi aesthetic. And clocking in at just over 90 minutes, there’s no reason not to check it out! Happy Watching!





  • Acting
  • Pacing
  • Production Value
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Tone

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