The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

The Matrix Reloaded is the second movie in the Matrix franchise, following Neo, Trinity and Morpheus as they continue to lead the revolt against the Machine Army! Even with Neo’s newfound abilities, the Matrix becomes even more dangerous with a replicating rogue Agent Smith! Let’s consider the pros and cons of The Matrix Reloaded…

Pros: This is hands down, the most action packed (and sexy) movie in the trilogy! The Wachowski’s, once again, are able to craft incredibly memorable moments on top of this intriguing story. The fight choreography is fantastic wherever it’s present, but the freeway chase elevates this movie entirely! The scene was filmed on a fake highway built specifically for the movie and cost over $2 million! Lastly is the score, which pulls you in from the opening. I didn’t acknowledge the music in my review of the first movie, but Don Davis does an amazing job scoring the entire trilogy.

Cons: Although I love the emphasis on martial art combat, the CGI doesn’t seem able to keep up. This is especially apparent during the Agent Smith fight scene, where Keanu has been infamously dubbed “Rubber Neo”. All in all however, the CGI allows for an amazing fight scene that’s still a lot of fun to watch!

I give the Matrix Reloaded an A-. The special effects and story aren’t as strong as it’s predecessor, but it’s a thrilling time with some incredible and memorable set pieces. If you’re a fan of the Matrix, I think you’ll like this one too. Happy Watching!





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