The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

The Matrix Revolutions is the final movie in the Matrix trilogy, showing us the Battle for Zion, and Neo’s last ditch effort to save humanity. The third installment brings back our favorite characters and turns the action up to 11! Let’s consider the pros and cons of The Matrix Revolutions…

Pros: As is the case with the previous two, the direction from the Wachowski siblings is fantastic. The battle to defend Zion is great, but Neo’s one on one fight with Agent Smith in the rain is stunning! Not only is choreography amazing to watch, but having parts of the fight suspended in midair is a testament to the great special effects. Lastly is the score from Don Davis, which is alluring as ever and amplifies the intense action sequences!

Cons: Although I enjoy it, this seems to be the weakest movie in the trilogy. The Battle for Zion is undoubtedly thrilling, but the long stretches of action pull you out of the much more important half of the story. Secondly, as great as some moments are, the ending still falls flat for me. Whether it’s because it’s not a typical Hollywood ending or because it’s too abrupt, the story doesn’t offer a satisfying closure for the main characters. Overall, it feels like the characters and ideas take a backseat to the special effects.

I give Matrix Revolutions a B. The Wachowsi sisters did an incredible job with this trilogy and although I’m not as high on this movie, I think they executed their vision beautifully. The finale certainly packs a punch, but your enjoyment will likely depend on your investment in the franchise. Happy Watching!





  • Direction
  • Score
  • Special Effects
  • Characters
  • Pacing
  • Plot

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