The Mitchells vs The Machines (2021)

The Mitchells vs The Machines is an animated Netflix film about how one family survives a robot uprising! With humanity on the line and an evil OS on their trail, the Mitchells must come together like never before. Let’s consider the pros and cons of The Mitchells vs The Machines…

Pros: Firstly, the animation in this movie is nothing short of exceptional! With striking details in every scene and a vibrant editing style, this cartoon is a standout within its genre. Secondly, the father daughter relationship is integral to the plot and is heartwarming and natural. It also ties in well to one of the themes of this movie, which is having your family’s back. Lastly, I must praise the creative minds behind this film, who had me cry-laughing in some scenes and cry-crying in others. Michael Rianda executed his vision beautifully.

Cons: Firstly, this is almost a 2 hour animated movie. And although it’s a breeze to get through, the story takes its time to get fully up and running. Secondly, some of the themes felt a little heavy handed to me. For instance, Katie’s Dog Cop film that basically reiterates a conversation between her and her father earlier in the movie. It’s nice that it helps Rick see the error of his ways, but it was so on the nose that it pulled me out of the movie. Lastly, the plot is as enjoyable as it is predictable, which is to say a lot! However, this doesn’t hurt the film, as it is an animated movie, and kids should be easily able to follow along.

I give The Mitchells vs The Machines a B+. It’s a lighthearted coming of age story that sends a nice message about having your family’s back. Grab your kids, grab some snacks, and enjoy the ride! Happy Watching.





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