The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect Host follows a bank robber’s desperate attempt to avoid capture by laying low at an unsuspecting homeowner’s address for the evening. The many twists and flashbacks will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat in this contained indie thriller. Let’s consider the pros and cons…

Pros: This is an independent film that benefits from a better than average production value. It gets straight into the story and shows us important plot points instead of having characters tell us, which is always appreciated. Finally, David Hyde Pierce gives an unforgettably unhinged performance as the host. Not only does he play off of Clayne Crawford well, but is also tasked with playing off himself in many scenes. To elaborate further would spoil a bizarre surprise that is better experienced first hand.

Cons: This story hinges on a few unlikely character decisions. Starting with Clayne Crawford character’s idea to rob a bank to help his love interest. As if there’s no possibility of making the money honestly. The next instance of poor decision making happens later on after he has been held hostage for the entire evening. Instead of taking his one opportunity to escape, he is coaxed into engaging his captor further due to name calling. Lastly, the detective is the only redeemable character in this movie and he gets less screen time than anyone else. And the theme of getting your just deserts doesn’t quite land, as the robber and host are both free to continue their unreformed lives.

I give The Perfect Host a B+. It’s a unique and compelling story with several twists along the way to keep you engaged. Sit back and enjoy this little indie thriller. Happy Watching!





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