The Suicide Squad (2021)

The Suicide Squad is a comic book movie about a ragtag group of convicts, who are enlisted to cover up a monster of a conspiracy! James Gunn writes and directs this off the wall reboot in what can best be described as a bloody good time! Let’s consider the pros and cons of The Suicide Squad…

Pros: Firstly, James Gunn is flexing his directing chops all over this film and it is a sight to behold! From long tracking shots to ingenious transitions, everything about this movie is eccentric and engaging! Secondly, the characters all jibe really well together. Gunn clearly understands this genre, proving once again that he can juggle multiple characters, while giving each their moment to shine. Last and certainly not least is the over-the-top action that undeniably earns this movie it’s “R” rating! Not only is the action well shot, but it’s also spread evenly throughout the film, which is a major plus.

Cons: Although I mostly enjoyed the character interactions, some of the jokes and dialogue felt weak and out of place. I suppose that part of this band of anti-heroes’ charm is their tendency to go off on a tangent at any time, but it didn’t always work for me. Secondly, as was the case with the 2016 rendition of Suicide Squad, the plot is paper thin. Even so, I think this is a great re-introduction to these characters. And with any luck, we’ll get to see King Shark nom-noming once again in the sequel!

I give The Suicide Squad a B+. The performances are great and it could not be more action packed! It’s not your typical DC movie, but fans of the superhero genre will find plenty to like nonetheless. Happy Watching!





  • Characters
  • Directing
  • Pacing
  • Dialogue
  • Length
  • Plot

Where to Watch

  • HBO Max with Subscription
  • In Theaters!

“Monster is nom nom!”

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