The Tomorrow War (2021)

The Tomorrow War is the latest big budget sci-fi action flick to come out of Amazon Prime’s streaming service. In a world at war with alien invaders, humanity must appeal to their past generations to tip the scales in their favor! Let’s consider the pros and cons of The Tomorrow War…

Pros: Beginning with a vibrant opening shot, there is fantastic use of CGI that clearly represents the transition to and from the future. The creature design is also a bright spot in this dark film. Secondly, although it isn’t an overly dramatic lead role, Chris Pratt gives a commendable performance as the ex-soldier turned science teacher. The script doesn’t do him any favors, but his charm and gravitas carry him through. Lastly, is the direction from Chris McKay. For someone who has worked primarily in animation, McKay shows great confidence behind the camera and delivers a few of the most suspenseful and thrilling scenes of the year!

Cons: I’m all for high concept premises, but anything involving time travel is going to be scrutinized with a more critical eye. Paradoxes aside, the time travel mechanism in this movie is not adequately explained. We get an analogy about how time is like a flowing river, and the “Jumplink” is equivalent to two rafts on that river, 30 years apart. It sounds convincing in the moment, but even so, how could humanity even come close to losing a war with this kind of technology? Lastly, the story loses some momentum in the final stretch. It shifts from suspenseful and thrilling reconnaissance to predictable shoot-em-up action. It’s not terrible and definitely checks that Hollywood ending box, but it does feel slightly drawn out.

I give The Tomorrow War a B+. The script is nothing to write home about, but overall it is a well executed sci-fi action adventure! Happy Watching!





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