Thunder Force (2021)

Thunder Force is a Netflix Original that takes place after a cosmic ray event leaves sociopaths with superpowers. Years later, two estranged childhood friends reunite as an unlikely crimefighting duo after one invents a superpower formula. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Thunder Force…

Pros: Although I’m not a fan of the comedic elements, the heart in this movie works. The relationship between Octavia Spencer and her family, is where this movie rises above the goofiness and says the most. Aside from good triumphing over evil, a prevalent theme is making the most of the cards you’re dealt. After Octavia’s parents are tragically taken from her as a child, she channels her grief into finishing her parents’ lifelong work. This comes full circle by the end, when she is relieved to finally say that her parents work is finished. Lastly on the positive side, this movie has a clean and polished finish. It’s no Avengers, but when it comes to showing super power action, the CGI is spot on.

Cons: This contrived plot could have gone into some fun areas, but the movie only seems interested in giving Melissa McCarthy a vehicle to… Be funny? I’m honestly hesitant to call this a comedy at all because of how forced every attempt at humor is. Secondly, the dialogue is equally as terrible. This mostly stems from the improvised sections played for cheap laughs, but regardless, it’s comedically bad. Lastly, this movie is painfully predictable. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more paint-by-numbers underdog superhero flick.

I give Thunder Force a C+. Where the comedy falls flat, the heart and action somewhat make up for it. If you’re looking for a lighthearted superhero flick without the baggage of a cinematic universe, this is decent option. Happy Watching!





  • Production Value
  • Theme
  • Dialogue
  • Originality
  • Plot

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I mean, how could you not love Thunder Force?”

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