Tom and Jerry (2021)

Tom and Jerry is a live action cartoon movie that released in theaters and HBO Max in February 2021. The iconic characters return with a 3D remastering, to charm our socks off and carry out their classic gags! Let’s consider the pros and cons of Tom and Jerry…

Pros: Firstly, I think the actors are a bright spot in this movie. Michael Peña’s manic performance fits right into this half cartoon world. Chloë Grace Moretz is also asked to do a lot and she handles herself admirably. Secondly, the animation is refined and well executed! Both Tom and Jerry look polished and astonishingly similar to their 2D versions. Lastly, I like the direction and how the cartoon animals interact with real life in fun ways. Whether Tom is running through a door, Jerry is making copies of himself on a printer, or they’re both flying down the street on a skateboard, there are a lot of fun visuals in this movie!

Cons: Chloë Grace Moretz said it best “This ‘no talking’ thing is really getting old”. The main characters are limited to thought bubbles and their inner voice because they notoriously do not speak. Secondly, the plot is mostly inconsequential. Each scene is used as an excuse to put the two enemies (or friends) together and see how much destruction they can cause. This also gets old pretty quick, but their whole schtick is a game of cat and mouse, so it’s expected.

I give Tom and Jerry a B-. It’s cheesy kids movie, but it stays true to the original cartoon. Their destructive antics might keep you from loving it, but their relationship is as charming and electric as ever! Happy Watching!





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