Top 5 Movie Snacks

Food easily increases our enjoyment of movies, but how much thought have you put into your movie snacking habits? It’s usually a good idea to have a “plan of a snack” before getting to the theater, whether you intend to pay full price for concessions or sneak them in yourself. This list is meant to help you narrow down your favorite theater treats, so you’re prepared for your next visit! Let’s take a look at my Top 5 Movie Snacks!

5. Candy Pieces

The key qualifier here is “Pieces”. Because while many people like all forms of candy, bars aren’t going to last you as long as pieces will. By candy pieces, I mean snacks such as: M&M’s, Skittles, Gummy Bears and so on. The ability to space out your snacking throughout a movie is crucial, and candy pieces lend themselves well to achieving this goal. Candy is also easy to smuggle into theaters via your pockets or purse. Not that I condone that, of course…

Candy Pieces

4. Nuts


If sweets aren’t your thing, nuts can also be a satisfying snack during a movie! Nuts are a salty treat that offer more nutritional value than candy while also keeping you full and focused. There are dozens of nuts to choose from, my favorites are: Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios. Combine your favorite nuts and candy pieces together to make your own movie trail mix!

3. Jerky

Jerky might not be your go-to choice, but if you’re looking for a protein packed snack that will keep you full, jerky is a good option. Jerky comes in many forms, but the packaging is usually loud to open and adjust while eating. I’d recommend opening this snack before the movie starts to avoid any sideways glances in your direction!


2. Soda


Possibly the most divisive “snack” on this list as it’s the only non-food item, but soda still deserves a spot. It’s been ingrained, at least in American audiences, to “let’s all go to the lobby”. And if you arrive at your theater early, you will surely see an advertisement for one of these bubbly beverages. Sneaking a fountain drink into a movie isn’t practical however, so you’ll probably need to purchase it from a concession stand. Either way, you’ll need deep pockets! If you’re not a soda drinker than the refreshment of your choice can fit in this spot! Staying hydrated gives you better focus in general, so I highly recommend a beverage whenever watching a movie!

1. Popcorn… Duh!

At this point, movies and popcorn are inseparable. It’s also, coincidentally, a very hard item to sneak into a theater. Whether it’s by design or chance, most people will rationalize the expensive concession prices to buy this perfect snack! The great thing about popcorn is that it’s light (depending on the amount of butter you add), and can keep you munching throughout a movie. This combination of quiet and constant snacking makes popcorn the ideal movie snack!


There you have it! T-Man’s Top 5 Movie Snacks in all their glory! Let me know what your favorite snack is and if you plan to bring any on your next visit to the theaters! Happy Snacking!

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