Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Two Weeks Notice is a charming romantic comedy about a wealthy businessman and a tenacious real estate lawyer that falls into his lap. And although they have their many differences, the movie shows how well opposites attract . Let’s consider the pros and cons of Two Weeks Notice…

Pros: Firstly, Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock are incredible actors that compliment each other very well. They both have several moments throughout the film where they not only shine, but they steal scenes back and forth from each other. Lastly, the movie touches on an important theme that is relatable to anyone with a conscience. The internal struggle displayed by Grant’s character, Mr. Wade as he wrestles with the idea of putting profits over someone he’s grown to care about. And Bullock’s character, Lucy’s hesitancy to give him a second chance. What best sums up this theme is a quote from Lucy’s dad, which is: “As long a people can change, the world can change”. Wise words indeed.

Cons: Unfortunately, I found this story to be painfully predictable. From Lucy’s initial hesitancy to work for her enemy, to Mr. Wade’s realization that money isn’t everything. It is very much a paint by numbers rom-com, but it at least succeeds in telling a somewhat heartwarming story. However, it does feel like this movie reaches a little too hard for sexual tension. For instance, whenever Lucy’s hair gets accidentally stuck in Wade’s belt. It’s a shocking and funny scene, but it doesn’t serve the story, aside from creating an embarrassing situation.

I give Two Weeks Notice a B-. It’s predictable, but the leads have palpable chemistry and it sends a nice message. Romantic comedies are admittedly not my favorite genre, but I would definitely recommend this movie for a date night! Happy Watching.





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“Please consider this my two weeks notice.”

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