We’re the Millers: Meme

This picture from We’re the Millers has proven to be a hilarious meme template for the internet. In the film, a band of misfits posing as a suburban family, begin to freak out as their drug smuggling deadline comes due. In a frantic scene, Jason Sudeikis exclaims how his half a million dollar cut is on the line. This admission prompts Jennifer Aniston and Emma Robert’s characters to complain about the measly amounts they were promised. Cut to Will Poulter’s bewildered face as he says:

“You guys are getting paid?!”

It’s a hilarious moment with an expression to match! The great thing about this movie meme, is that you can alter the quote to fit just about any situation. I use this template whenever I feel left out and/or confused about a popular trend. Let me know when you like to use this meme in the comments below!

We're the Millers: Meme

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