World of Warcraft (2004-Present)

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG developed by Blizzard that released in 2004. It quickly rose to prominence, redefining the genre and paving the way for a subscription based model of gaming. Let’s consider the pros and cons of World of Warcraft…


Firstly, it’s important to note that when discussing WoW, you’re actually talking about 3 games at this point. “Retail” is the original version of the game that has morphed and grown over the years since it’s inception. “Classic” was released in 2019 and is a re-released version of the game that allows players to relive the original experience before any expansions. And since Classic was a massive success, Blizzard later introduced TBC (The Burning Crusade) Classic & WotLK (Wrath of the Litch King) Classic, essentially re-releasing the expansions in order again. With all that said, I played WoW the year of it’s release when I was in middle school. I remember it being a blast to play, but with high school and college on the horizon, I wasn’t able to keep up with it. Since then Retail WoW had grown into a beast that I hardly even recognized, but when Classic was announced, I knew I wanted a chance to relive the glory days! Since returning to Azeroth I’ve had an insanely fun time finding groups for dungeons and increasing the revenue from my professions!

World of Warcraft TBC Game

One of the great things about WoW and MMO’s in general, is the “choose your own adventure” style of gaming. For instance, when creating a character you get to choose to fight for either the Alliance or Horde and then you can choose between 8 unique races, and 12 distinct classes. This amount of variety allows players of all types, preferences, and skill levels to play in the way that suites them. PVP (player vs. player) is also a staple of the game and is available in many forms, including capture the flag and king of the hill.


As great as WoW is, it’s easy to see why others may not enjoy it as much. While leveling and questing is a rewarding experience, it can be a tough grind depending on your class and success finding groups. The LFG (Looking For Group) function is the main reason I left Classic for Classic + Expansions. The streamlined group finder as well as functional Meeting (Summoning) Stones in front of dungeons makes Classic+ the clear option for me.

Retail also has LFG, but as I mentioned before it’s an entirely different beast. I don’t want to talk down on a game that I haven’t played thoroughly, but from what I remember, Retail is much more streamlined in general. Leveling isn’t as tasking and talents are filtered in a way that leaves little room to branch out. Perhaps Retail will win me over one of these days, but for now I’m enjoying the nostalgia that Classic+ provides.


I give World of Warcraft a solid A! Blizzard has continuously innovated and updated this game over the years, making it an immersive world well worth the monthly subscription. With the recent release of Dragonflight and the player base in the several millions, it’s clear that WoW is here to stay! Happy Gaming!





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