Yes Day (2021)

Yes Day is a Netflix Original starring Jennifer Garner as Allison, an overprotective mother who finds herself saying “Yes” less and less. After an eye opening parent teacher conference, Ally and Carlos learn about a parenting technique that claims to get children to behave. Let’s consider the pros and cons of Yes Day…

Pros: Firstly, there’s a few funny performances, including from Jennifer Garner who is as charming as ever. And if the child actors were going for “insufferable”, they definitely nailed it. Secondly, making the Torres family bilingual is a nice touch that gives the characters some depth, making them more relatable. Lastly, is the positive theme about trusting the people you love and not being afraid to say “Yes” sometimes. The theme is integral to the story and laid on pretty thick, but it works for this harmless family movie.

Cons: Although this movie tries to be funny and exciting, the characters and plot are painfully lazy. For instance, what might a normal kid want on their Yes Day? A trip to an ice cream shop or amusement park perhaps? Well in addition to those things, the kids in this movie orchestrate an intramural game of Capture the Flag with at least 50 participants. Maybe I’m underestimating kids these days, but the movie doesn’t even attempt to address how they planned this event. And after all that nonsensical excitement, Allison still finds the time to headline at a music festival. So this is either the longest day in existence, or the Torres family is using some sort of time-turner to fit all these activities in 24 hours. I can accept a far-fetched premise any day, but when it leads to such ridiculously contrived situations, my belief is no longer suspended.

I give Yes Day a C+. Overall it accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to be a quirky family comedy. It’ll surely be a fun watch for the kiddos, but whether the story resonates with everyone else, is not as clear-cut. Happy Watching!





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“You should say yes, to a Yes Day.”

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